HD Generator + HD Tracer


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Using the HD Generator and HD Tracer, wire location and identification becomes an easy job for installation and repair technicians: 
  • The HD Generator provides a strong audio signal with either single or dual tones for tracing lines, plus it has built-in continuity and polarity testing capabilities.
  • The HD Tracer enables cable identification and location by detecting and amplifying the tones from the HD Generator. When getting close to the line under test, the tones are heard from the built-in speaker. The HD Tracer has adjustable sensitivity to maximize efficiency and accuracy when searching through wall panels or in cable bundles.
  • Tracing the audio tones from the HD Generator can also be done with a HD Series testset in monitor mode. The HD Generator and the HD Tracer will work on single conductors, twisted pairs, coaxial cables, CAT 5 wiring or on non-energized electrical wiring. The HD Generator and HD Tracer are pocket-sized for easy handling.
HD Generator
  • Transmitter frequency : 1,200 Hz ± 150 Hz
  • Overvoltage protection : 60 volts (DC) 100 volts (AC)
  • Standard test leads with alligator clips
  • RJ-11 modular jack for choice of test connections
  • Power : 2 x 1,5 volts AA type batteries over 200 hours life time
  • Dimensions : 40 x 40 x 110 mm
  • Weight : 0.080 KG

HD Tracer

  • Power : 2 x 1,5 volts AA type batteries over 200 hours life time
  • Insulation impedance : > 10 M ohms
  • Dimensions : 40 x 40 x 130 mm
  • Weight : 0.050 KG
  • Carrying pouch and batteries included


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