Spectralink 8000 OAI Gateway 64 gebruikers


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Spectralink uses an Open Application Interface (OAI) that enables third-party applications to send and respond to real-time text messages and alerts using Spectralink Wireless Telephones. Applications are developed using the OAI protocol interface with the wireless telephone system through the Spectralink 8000 OAI Gateway.

This unique two-way functionality enables mobile users to rapidly respond to non-voice messages, thereby reducing decision-making time and increasing productivity throughout the workplace.

OAI is a messaging protocol interface that is open to any developer. To foster development, Spectralink offers a downloadable specification on how to integrate applications with Spectralink handsets.

Features and Benefits

  • Priority text message
  • Direct response from users
  • Escalate and/or forward requests
  • Command and control capabilities
  • Audible alerts
  • Group messaging


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