Innovaphone IP1500




The IP 1500 gateway is an add-on solution for the innovaphone PBX with DECT handsets. It provides stable and secure connection with high voice quality for mobile subscriber.

This gateway is complete H.323 compliant and supports up to 30 channels simultaneously. The system is using base stations and repeater to establish a stable connection to the mobile handsets. For a maximum on mobility of the subscriber the system supports roaming as well as seamless handover between base stations.

The IP 1500 is available with 10, 20 or 30 speech channels to the IP network. The smaller version may be extended easily and at any point by including further modules. Up to 8 base stations can be served on the DECT side. A special extension tool connects 8 more stations. Each base station is able to realize 4 calls at the same time, so that 64 connections are possible in the fully extended version, 30 of which may simultaneously be transferred to the IP network. In the case that these 30 channels or the connected handsets do not suffice, several IP 1500 may be connected. To guarantee the full operability of the roaming and handover functions for base stations of different IP1500 adapters, the IP 1500s are joined by a link set consisting of plug-in boards and connecting cables. The box is designed to fit a 19″ cabinet system, requiring two shelf units.


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